There Are No Rules

One of the biggest mindsets to shed is one of following the rules.

You learned in school from a young age — “here are the rules of the classroom,” etc.

This is then drilled into you for 15,000 hours of school. Not your fault.

But you can question all this now….

Are there really any rules to job hunting?

Just because a job description says something (e.g. “3 years experience required”), do you “have to” oblige?

No! You CAN follow a rule, but you don’t HAVE TO follow a rule.

Bust through the job hunt fence.

Create world-class value. Prove your hunger and enthusiasm.

Forget the rules. Forget the competition.

Elevate to a game no one else is playing.

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6 Unstoppable Steps to Hack Your Interview

You landed the interview, heck yeah! Now will you keep leaning forward and blow away the company to land an offer?

Here are 6 Unstoppable Steps to Hack Your Interview.

“Be confident and authentic. Employers can smell desperation, so show them you’re the real deal and exude effortless cool.”

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