Focus on 3-5 companies

Most job hunters fall victim to the spray ‘n’ pray approach, making the job hunt a numbers game.

Instead, you want to do the opposite.

Focus on just a few companies, and create a custom value proposition too good to ignore.

This value prop can be big like a detailed plan for specific problems you plan to solve, or it could be minimal with a simple 30 second pitch video.

Just be sure to make it personalized!

Charlie Hoehn: the OG on Free Work

After the 2008 recession, Charlie Hoehn wrote the book Recession Proof Graduate: How to Land Any Job You Want by Doing Free Work. (Grab it on our Top Books page).

Given the current market – pitching yourself by doing free work is one of the powerful tools you have.

Listen to the podcast we did with him a couple years ago here.

Quote of the Day

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.”
— Anonymous

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