Free Samples in the Other Direction

You get pitched on free-samples all the time – from trial periods for apps to a free cookie at the bakery.

And they work! That’s why companies offer them! They bring in new customers for those products and services.

But you, as a job hunter, won’t offer free samples of your services??

A resume isn’t a free sample, it’s just a (boring) list of features.

If you want companies (your customers) to hire you, then give them a taste of what you can do!

Send a project. Pitch free work.

Stand out. Be empowered.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Launch Your Career

Your career launch (or re-launch) is kind of like launching a rocket ship. It’s a big deal. You’re going somewhere a little unknown—and that’s exciting.

But what should you be thinking about as you do it? How will you know if you’re on the right track?

Read more in 10 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Launch Your Career.

Jumpstart Your Career and Mindset

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