Be Kind to Yourself

If you want to actualize your potential, quit yelling at yourself.

What if you were kind to yourself? What if you encouraged yourself?

What if you let go of the critical energy, and chose new mindsets? What if you spoke in a new way to yourself?

I’ll model:

“Thank you for the effort you are giving, Joel.”
“It’s okay to make mistakes, Joel.”
“Look at the progress you have made, Joel!”
“I appreciate that you care about other people, Joel.”
“It’s okay to feel frustrated, Joel.”


Before you dismiss this as self-help fluff, give it a try for 2 weeks. I double-dog dare you. ; )

P.S. This is doubly key if you’re actively job hunting right now!

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Modern life can no doubt be stressful, demanding, and draining, especially if you’re supporting a family.

But does that mean you need to ignore your own goals and dreams?

What attitude will you choose?

A woman named Danielle chose one of empowerment. To change careers into tech, she started the BloomTech program as a parent, watching the kids during the day and learning data science part-time in the evenings. She said,

“Anyone can be part of the program, no matter whether they have kids, or if coming in with no experience at all….Your kids and your family see what you’re doing, and [it’s so great] to be able to set that example that you can make that change….I’m so grateful to BloomTech.”

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How to prepare for the salary talk

See this value-packed post from Glassdoor on how to get your mind ready to confidently negotiate a salary. The post gives specific scripts for what you might say in a given situation.

“Negotiating your salary can be one of the toughest parts of the interview process. You don’t want to set an unrealistic expectation, but you don’t want to lowball yourself either. Whether you’re having the initial conversation or are in the final stages, you need to be ready to accept what you’re worth — and nothing less.”

CH Classic: How to Get a Job with a Small Company

If you want a sweet new job, esp. at a small company like a fast-growing startup, focus on building skills.

Then, you need to present value to them, to show you’re worth hiring.

Read more in this CH Classic vis Seth Godin.

“When you show up and offer some tangible value –many small business people will take you up on it, particularly if they are cash-strapped, profit-oriented and know you by reputation.”

Quote of the Day

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field.”

— Niels Bohr

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