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Fear of Money

You probably are at least slightly insecure about money.

But what are you afraid of exactly? You’re gonna roll over and starve?

Your feelings are completely valid, but look….the universe gave you a gift of life, of your lungs, your ability to breathe. In, out. In, out. No effort needed. How life-affirming! I mean…isn’t that proof enough that you’re going to be okay?

Now imagine your are staring at the ocean and its vastness…. Soak that in, and open yourself to the abundance that the world offers.

Let go of scarcity. It’s just your childhood conditioning speaking, not the True You.

Everything is ok. All is well. You are empowered. You got this.

How to Get Your Dream Job Quicker Than You Think

It’s not your fault. You were lied to about how job hunting works. But now it’s time to let go of applying on job portals, and get creative instead.

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“Job postings are nothing more than ads. Many of them aren’t even real. They’re a way to collect email addresses. Lol. You could say job ads are a lead magnet. Don’t worry, I’m a sucker, I fell for it too.”

Quote of the Day

“Getting fired is nature’s way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place.”
— Hal Lancaster

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