“Job Hunting Is Hard”?

Most people on the job hunt keep the ongoing belief “job hunting is hard” running in the background.

But is it true?

Maybe it’s only true if you SAY it’s true!

Sure, I don’t discount you could be feeling frustrated, waiting to hear back after you blast out resumes.

But what if you let go of the belief, then started re-framing things?

Job hunting is fun.”
“I get to be imaginative on my job hunt.”
“Job hunting is easy when you send video pitches.”

Mindset mindset mindset, my friends.

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The job interview approach

You know it’s key to be professional on a job interview, to show up on time, to ask good questions, etc.

But are you doing that on other, “less important” calls you have? Or, are you winging it?

What’s your attitude each and every moment?

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