Wake Up

I know, I know. You’re focused on running your everyday life. There’s not time to focus on your own desires and what makes you come alive.

“That’s secondary,” you say.

Oh yeah?

Wake up.

You’re gonna die one day.

Yeah, say hello to your 80-year old self, would ya? What does he/she have to say about the choices you are making right now?

Can you not invest 10 minutes a day to move towards what makes you come alive? Do 10 minutes daily, trust the compound effect, and your future self will thank you. 🙂

Just start.

Don’t waste time.

Live with your dreams wide awake!

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How to Email a Hiring Manager the WRONG way

It’s key to learn to email the hiring manager (instead of applying on the job posting and waiting).

But don’t send a boring email. Here’s How to Email a Hiring Manager the WRONG way.

“Don’t brag. Don’t copy and paste. Don’t be generic. Don’t send a resume. Take the time to be interested and create value.”

Entry-Level Jobs Galore

No matter the economy, there are PLENTY of jobs out there. You just need to pitch your way in with a video or pitch deck that blows their socks off.

Here is a list of entry-level jobs from RemoteJobHunters.

Don’t undersell yourself. Companies are craving you.

Quote of the Day

“It is a tragedy to die with your song unsung.”

― Phil Stutz

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