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The Freedom of Constraints

People say they “have to'” send a resume because it’s the “rules.”

Well, that’s not true, but let’s play a little game, and make a new rule:

Job Hunt Rule #1: A Resume is Not Allowed.

You wanna follow the rules? Follow this one. You have to NOT send a resume.

Now, you see, your imagination is liberated.

What will you do to get a job? How creative can you get? How can you prove you are worth hiring? A pitch, an email, a video of a yourself dancing in a clown suit?

Whatever you come up with, go do that.

Cook Like Chuck

Your personality is a key factor to getting hired. Companies are people too, and they naturally want to work with humans they like.

So show off your hobbies to the world! Our friend Chuck is the king of this. He blogs about the food he cooks on his site Cook Like Chuck. This complements his work as an engineer, shows soft skills, and makes him a dynamic candidate for hire.

What are your hobbies? Document them to broadcast your signal. Here are 100 Ways to Work Out Loud (also from Chuck).

Quote of the Day

“Creativity is, quite simply, a genuine interest combined with initiative.”
― Scott Belsky