Send a Second Pitch

There are no rules to job hunting. No rules!

Just choices, and cause and effect.

So, will you take the lead at each step of the hiring process?

Send a pitch to land the interview, then steer the interview to show your value, and after send a thank you note right away.

After that, don’t just wait. You can send a send second pitch – use an app like Loom – telling them how much you enjoyed the interview, what you learned, and that you’d love to continue to create value.

Don’t stop there.

Send a blog post about why you love them, reach out to employees at the company and build rapport, and maybe make a custom project.

Keep piling on the value.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

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Modern life can no doubt be stressful, demanding, and draining, especially if you’re supporting a family.

But does that mean you need to ignore your own goals and dreams?

What attitude will you choose?

A woman named Danielle chose one of empowerment. To change careers into tech, she started the BloomTech program as a parent, watching the kids during the day and learning data science part-time in the evenings. She said,

“Anyone can be part of the program, no matter whether they have kids, or if coming in with no experience at all….Your kids and your family see what you’re doing, and [it’s so great] to be able to set that example that you can make that change….I’m so grateful to BloomTech.”

With BloomTech, you can break into tech with a world-class, proven support system.

  • No tuition until you’re hired (terms apply)
  • Gain the skills employers want—no fluff
  • Build your portfolio with real projects for real clients
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Praxis Daily

This epic playlist of daily videos from our friends at Praxis (the company out of which we grew), is a great way to start your day to fuel your career mindset.

Quote of the Day

“It was in this moment I truly realized that success for me isn’t going to happen by hoping my managers pay me ‘what I’m worth,’ but rather it will happen when I choose to love myself enough to create options.”

― Ashley Stahl, career coach

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