What Will You Do Daily?

In this world, there are dreamers and there are doers.

And then there are dreamers who do things.

Will you be the person who commits to show up daily to create the future you desire?

7 Ways to Deschool Yourself and Come Alive in Your Career

If you want to do what makes you tick, you need to shed the conditioning of doing what you’re told, i.e. you need to de-school yourself.

Here are 7 Ways to Deschool Yourself and Come Alive in Your Career.

“It’s true that school maybe exposed you to information, but it also IM-posed that information on you.

What you want is the freedom and space to play and learn!

That means curiosity!

Be wild and free. Maybe you’re interested in sports cars, learning to yo-yo, ancient civilizations, fly fishing techniques, conspiracy theories, the history of hip-hop, or any literally anything.”

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Quote of the Day

“If you are not excited about it, it may not be the right path.”
— Abraham Hicks

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