Quit Feeling Sorry for Yourself

If you’re feeling stuck on your job hunt, you can say “there’s nothing I can do. Companies just keep ghosting me.” Or “it’s the economy’s fault.” Etc.

Or you can choose a new attitude. How about:

“No matter what happens in the world or how others react, I will continue to learn, grow, and create value. No one can stop me.”

This – dear reader – is an attitude you are welcome to choose.

It’s simply up to you.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Generation

You want a meaningful life and career, AND you’re willing to work for it.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Generation.

“You want to be more than what some algorithm determines. You want to show more than some keyword scanner can find. You want to defy your advertising avatar. And you want companies to tailor their offerings to your tastes.”

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Modern life can no doubt be stressful, demanding, and draining, especially if you’re supporting a family.

But does that mean you need to ignore your own goals and dreams?

What attitude will you choose?

A woman named Danielle chose one of empowerment. To change careers into tech, she started the BloomTech program as a parent, watching the kids during the day and learning data science part-time in the evenings. She said,

“Anyone can be part of the program, no matter whether they have kids, or if coming in with no experience at all….Your kids and your family see what you’re doing, and [it’s so great] to be able to set that example that you can make that change….I’m so grateful to BloomTech.”

With BloomTech, you can break into tech with a world-class, proven support system.

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Quote of the Day

“It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, you only have to be right once.”
— Mark Cuban

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