Do It

There are those who think about doing things.

Then there are those who do things.

Who will you be?

Attention: Tech Professionals

If you want to try video pitches but don’t know where to start, we have an offer just for you.

David Andriate, a DJH reader and friend, has created a service where he creates 100% custom video resumes for whatever job you are applying to.

(No more wasting hours reformatting your resume, getting ghosted by recruiters, or relying on networking).

He’s offering a special for DJH readers at a whopping 90% off!

Use code DailyJobHunt at checkout.

This offer is only for a limited time so take advantage while you can.

Go to to sign up today.

How to Use AngelList to Find a Job You Love!

AngelList is an excellent way to find job opps. But don’t stop there. Focus in on one company and “be a sniper,” putting your effort into an amazing pitch just for them.

Read more in this epic post.

Quote of the Day

“Discipline creates lifestyle.”

― Hal Elrod

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