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Go your own way

To win on the job hunt, you can’t just follow the rules and the crowd and expect good outcomes. If you landed here, you know this.

You’re ready to go your own way.

But you don’t have to go it alone! Lots of individuals are going their own way. They’re not going the exact same way as you – hence going their own way – but the fact that they’re bucking the status quo means they share something in common with you.

Entrepreneurs with radically different companies can relate. Pro athletes from radically different sports can relate. People breaking the mold and making career moves around their unique goals and interests – instead of the jobs bored (get it? bored?) and resume sameness – can relate too.

Be different. And own it!

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Niche places to find startups

Yeah, definitely don’t go to normal jobs boreds. 😉 Check out these hip ones:

Here’s also our list of tech companies active on Twitter. Twitter can be great for startups! You can also network there.

Tweet of the Day

Happy Friday. Have a laugh with this one. And remember, this stuff applies to job hunting.