Have Fun Now

The job hunt can suck…but it doesn’t have to!

What if you CHOSE to have fun?

-Choose to be light and playful when you reach out to people
-Choose to send a silly or imaginative pitch video
-Laugh at yourself when you make a mistake – even in real time in the interview!

It might work better. People want to hire fun and positive people. ; )

Why Mailchimp is a Great Place to Launch Your Career

There are many, many tech companies out there who want 21st century value creators like you!

Why not break into one by emailing a pitch video? Here’s their current openings. And don’t worry if the job description says you need X number of years experience. You can always get hired if you never give up.

Mailchimp is a great place to do that.

“Normal is boring. Mailchimp has always struck me as one of those slightly eccentric, just a wee bit zany places. From their fun name and logo, delightful and sometimes silly copy, and the aforementioned outsider status, this company keeps it fresh and fun. They’re highly professional. They have a great reputation. But they’re kind of edgy, too. Like an accountant with tattoos.”

4 Reasons to Start a Podcast

one of the best ways to grow your career is to start a podcast. Even if no one listens to it except your own mother, it doesn’t matter! You still:

  • build your body of work
  • build social capital
  • learn about a topic or field
  • gain soft skills

Get inspo in this 2021 podcast from us.

Quote of the Day

“Don’t postpone joy until you have learned all of your lessons. Joy is your lesson.”
— Alan Cohen

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