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Why not?

“I can’t change careers at age 40.”

Why not?

“I can’t break the rules and skip a resume.”

Why not?

“Only other people do cool and creative stuff.”

Why not you?

Today, someone in the world is going to have an amazing, productive, and kick-ass day.

Why not make it you?

Go crash the job hunt party.

Focus on startups

Startups are awesome places to break into. You’ll learn super fast! You also don’t need a special degree to land a job. Show your excitement and your hunger to learn. (Good to quickly learn a tech tool, too).

See our 23-page Guide to Startups (pdf)

“The great thing about growth-focused companies is that they have no choice but to demand growth from team members. Each new phase of the company is different, and you’ll be exposed to  different challenges, tasks, and types of work.”

Quote of the Day

“In our effort to be honest about our problems, it is not necessary that we cease to be mindful of our potential.”
―TK Coleman