Do Something

Feeling stuck? The “Do Something Principle” will get you out of your rut.

If you don’t know what to do, just do something, even if it’s “wrong.”

Once you do something, you’ll know better what to do next.

Just keep doing. Action breeds motivation.

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You could be making bagels for a living right now….but you still are qualified to break into tech!

“You Belong in Tech” is actually a motto at the Sprint program by Co.Lab, an incredible course and community to help you start a path in Product Management. They cater to people of ALL backgrounds.

All that matters is your willingness to invest 2-5 hours a week learning by doing. You’ll be supported along the way.

And it’s only $500. That’s what, 0.1% the cost of a college degree?

Forget imposter syndrome! You’re good enough for tech, right now, seriously.

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Co.Lab is a program where you learn and grow and build so much within a limited period of time, and Google is a big company which functions at a very fast pace. I feel better able to navigate it because of my Co.Lab experience.

— Alex, Co.Lab alum & Product Strategy @ Google

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Quote of the Day

“Everything is Figure-out-able”
— Marie Forleo

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