The Power of Self-Imposed Constraints

What if you told yourself you could only work 3-4 hours a day?

Maybe you would get even more done.

That’s because you would focus!

Productivity is not about the hours you put in. It’s about what you put in the hours.

On Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting is a phenomenon — lead by Gen Z — of doing the bare minimum at your job, defying hustle culture, and claiming that your work is not tied to your self-worth.

In this nuanced post, Cal Newport empathizes with that, but he also takes it with a grain of salt.

“Figuring out how work fits into a life well lived is hard, but it’s an evolution that has to happen. Quiet quitting is the messy starting gun of a new generation embarking on this challenge.”

My take? By all means, unhook your self-worth from your work. And allow yourself time to rest! But also, go do what makes you come alive, and find work that feeds your intrinsic motivation.

I like to say, you don’t to HAVE to go above and beyond, you GET to go above and beyond.

Career coaching: The best-kept secret of a successful career

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“Making the right choices and informed decisions during the early years of your career, or even during changing careers, can give you a headstart that will help you avoid struggle and confusion in your professional life.”

Quote of the Day

“High-Quality Work Produced = (Time Spent) x (Intensity of Focus)”

— Cal Newport

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