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What does wild success look like? Give yourself permission to vividly see and imagine a flourishing future.

Then, take the next step to get there.

Dream. Do. Dream. Do.

How To Set Up A LinkedIn Profile In Under 10 Minutes

LinkedIn is a key way to establish your personal brand.

From our friends at Work It Daily, here are the basics to set up your profile, in less than 10 minutes.

“But I Need Experience First!” – The Classic Catch-22  

It can be tough to break into that first role. The company wants someone with experience, but you need a job in order to gain experience!

This is especially true for a career switch into Product Management, which has no standard path to break in.

What do you do?

The key is to do real projects, learn by doing and prove your ability to create value. (We talk about that a lot, don’t we?)

This is exactly what the Sprint program with Co.Lab offers.

Co.Lab is a special place. You get to focus on product strategy, and then move towards leading a cross-functional team in building and shipping a real MVP (minimum viable product). You’ll surround yourself with a powerful community of peers and top tech leaders so you can kickstart your career in Product Management (PM).  

Alum from Co.Lab work at companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify, and more.

By committing just 2-5 hours a week for 4 weeks, you can build that PM Portfolio that will blow hiring managers’ socks off.

And at only $500, it’s a low-cost investment, with a high ROI for your career.

Plus, you can use code CAREERHACKERS for an extra $50 off.

The next cohort begins Feb. 20. No experience or prerequisites needed to join.

Apply now.

Quote of the Day

“Create something today even if it sucks.”

— Unknown

How to Thrive In Your First Job

No one teaches us in school how to excel in our early career. There are certain mindsets about personal responsibility, value creation, communication, and more that are the unspoken rules to establish your reputation at work.

Learn all about this with author Gorick Ng, who will join us for the Feb. 9 Supercharge Your Career event.

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