Think Different to Land a Job

When you stop focusing on happiness, but instead focus on serving others, happiness often ensures.

When you stop focusing on “getting a job,” but instead focus on creating value for others, a job often ensues.

Giving is living.

*Geraldo Gomes: From Oil Rig Operator to Coder

Geraldo was in a stressful career in the oil industry, working on a big drill ship, for months at a time.

With this experience he wasn’t sure he could find a new career path.

But then he heard about Springboard, where you can learn new skills, get mentorship and coaching, and begin a whole new chapter of your life.

After diving into the Foundations to Core course in web development, in about a year, Geraldo was working at an excellent role at a firm, providing for his family (sans oil rig)!

The average Springboard grad increases their salary by $26,559.

As a Springboard full-stack web development bootcamp student, you can expect

  • Job guarantee – land a job or get your money back
  • Flexible schedule – 100% online, self-paced
  • Mentorship from an experienced full stack software developer

Apply now. Use code CAREERHACKERSSB for $500 off tuition.

“Learning with Springboard was really fun. I never felt like I was in a position where I didn’t have the tools to learn something.”
– Geraldo Gomes

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online

Writing online can have powerful ripple effects on your career. What if you got started?

Over time, you’ll be glad you did.

Get inspired from David Perell’s piece, The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online. He started writing when he had no job and no momentum. Now, he’s doing quite well.

“I started writing because I was jobless and needed to turn my life around. I was an over-saturated news consumer with nothing to show for it. I loved ideas, but had nobody to talk about them with. When I brought up intellectual subjects, my friends mocked me.”

“The 90 minutes I spend writing every morning is my most important habit and the activation code for just about everything good that happens to me.”

Quote of the Day

“Don’t do something just for the money. Money is a side effect of persistence. You persist in things you are interested in. Explore your interests. Then persist. Then enjoy all the side effects.”

— James Altucher

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