Build Rapport 

When you cold-message someone on LinkedIn, build rapport up front.

Have a real, authentic tone.
Use their first name.
Make a comment about their bio or the influencers they follow.
Create value up front!

Learn more in the Send Emails tab on Career Hackers.

Sample Customer Success Script

To land a customer success role, what if you sent a short mock script for what you would say on a customer support call or chat?

It could literally be a few sentences. Then BOOM, you’ve jumped to the top 1% of job seekers.

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10 skillsets in demand to land a remote job in 2023

Dynamite Jobs is all about remote jobs, and they’ve tallied up the 10 skillsets in demand to land remote job in 2023.

What if you have zero skills right now? No problem! Start learning, even if just 5 minutes a day. You could take a course on Youtube or LinkedIn, for instance, and build your portfolio. The world is your oyster for skill development in 2023!

Quote of the Day

“Don’t think about what might go wrong, think about what could be right.”

— Unknown

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