Self-Worth does not equal Market Worth

Even if you are living on the streets with no income, you are worthy of love, happiness, and all the things.  

Your self-worth has nothing to do with your ability to create value in the marketplace.

When you realize this, you build a foundation of inner security. You build a fresh ice rink on which to skate.

No matter how many fancy ice-skating moves you do, or how many times you fall on your face, the ice rink below ain’t going anywhere. 🙂

Joining a Startup for the First Time? 30 Actionable Tips From Folks Who’ve Been There

Thriving and creating value at a startup means taking radical ownership and proactive, solution-oriented initiative.

Here are 30 mindset tips from people who’ve been there before.

“Relentlessly prioritize to avoid the wrong high-quality work….’Communicate clearly and regularly, especially these two items: 1) What you understand to be the current highest priority project and focus area, and 2) What you are currently working on.'”

*Geraldo Gomes: From Oil Rig Operator to Coder

Geraldo was in a stressful career in the oil industry, working on a big drill ship, for months at a time.

With this experience he wasn’t sure he could find a new career path.

But then he heard about Springboard, where you can learn new skills, get mentorship and coaching, and begin a whole new chapter of your life.

After diving into the Foundations to Core course in web development, in about a year, Geraldo was working at an excellent role at a firm, providing for his family (sans oil rig)!

The average Springboard grad increases their salary by $26,559.

As a Springboard full-stack web development bootcamp student, you can expect

  • Job guarantee – land a job or get your money back
  • Flexible schedule – 100% online, self-paced
  • Mentorship from an experienced full stack software developer

Apply now. Use code CAREERHACKERSSB for $500 off tuition.

“Learning with Springboard was really fun. I never felt like I was in a position where I didn’t have the tools to learn something.”
– Geraldo Gomes

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Quote of the Day

“Your most important sale is to sell yourself to yourself.”
— Maxwell Maltz

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