Quit Your Job

If you hate and dread your job, then you have 3 choices:

1) Quit. Start from scratch to build that business or get hired at that dream company. Necessity is the mother of invention.

2) Start building projects and momentum on the side. Then quit later.

3) Do nothing. Let the years go by. Be filled with regret.

That’s it. The three choices.

Set yourself free in 2023. Quit. The. Job. You. Hate.

5 Best Places to Learn Marketing

You can start learning almost any skill – like marketing – using the power of the world wide web.

The question is, will you make the time, and focus your attention?

As you learn the skill, document your work, then show that to companies you pitch.

It’s that simple!

To get started, here are the 5 Best Places to Learn Marketing at no cost.

P.S. Listen to this GOLD podcast with Brad about custom projects in digital marketing.

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