Answer Questions on Quora

A great way to keep building your online digital footprint is to answer questions on Quora. With an unlimited number of topics and questions, you can go to town to build a body of work showing how you think and how you communicate.

Then, you could link to your Quora page in your online portfolio, which will add to your signal as you build career opportunities!

Every ingredient count as as you learn to become your own credential!

Here’s an example of questions our founder Isaac has answered over the year.

57 Questions to Ask in the Interview

It’s key to ask questions in the interview. Just be sure to choose questions that you’re genuinely curious about, not what. you’re “supposed to do.” Be yourself! Think for yourself!

But to help jostle your ideas, here are 57 Questions to Ask in the Interview, from our friends at The Muse.

Why Webflow is a Great Place to Start Your Career

To come alive in your career, start by seeking out companies that are exciting! Go spend an hour learning about them and then go make them a pitch they can’t ignore!

As an example company to pursue, read this post from Morgan about why she loves Webflow, a no-code web design company.

This isn’t a sponsored post, but rather she is writing it because she absolutely loves WebFlow!

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Quote of the Day

“The future is portfolios, not transcripts.”
— Ana Lorena Fabrega

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