Don’t know your life’s purpose?

That’s fine.

But start by making it your purpose to find your life’s purpose.

You can do this by picking a project (or job) that seems interesting, then go 110% into it for a few months.

Then, see how you feel!

You’ll learn about yourself and can choose the next project from there.

Self-knowledge doesn’t just come from reflecting, it comes from doing and experiencing.

Do I Need to Follow My Passion?

Julia Korn is a highly successful career coach. She is also a “recovering perfectionist.” She gets how you can burn yourself out in your career if you never pause to consider who you really are, and what lights you up!

Don’t miss her talk at our upcoming Supercharge Your Career live virtual event, Feb. 9!

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Deschool Yourself Podcast

Becoming you who really are…. coming alive…. finding both your passion and purpose. These are amazing things!

But if you never deschool yourself from the 15,000 hours of compulsory school you (likely) went through, you’ll have a major roadblock.

Listen to this 8 part podcast series to start to heal and. uncover your school experience, so you can unleash the buried treausure within you.

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