Time is On Your Side

Hey dear reader, thanks for being here.

Now remember…. no matter your goals, it’s okay if you’re not seeing results immediately.

Time is on your side.

Allow the seeds you plant to take root. Cultivate them. Then the harvest will come.

Believe it. Trust. Allow it to happen.

Remote Startup Jobs

There are plenty of awesome, entry-level startup jobs out there, if you want to break into tech.

Here’s a current list from Indeed.

But don’t click apply and hope!

Create value and make your job hunt a sales campaign! Send a video pitch, create a mock project, email the hiring manager directly, and follow up.

And “startup” is anything special other than a fast growing company! You don’t need a background in tech. For example, you could dive into customer support role by pitching yourself on your soft skills of communication and listening.

4 skills for growth in 2023

The world is exponentially changing. So being adaptable and willing to learn new skills is key.

Here are 4 skills for growth in 2023.

“..by 2025, 40% of core skills will have changed and more than half of all employees will need reskilling. Additionally, 94% of business leaders expect employees to learn new skills on the job.”

Quote of the Day

“The journey starts with a single step—not with thinking about taking a step.”

— Jeff Olson

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