Ship It

Hey! Stop putting that project off.  

Quit polishing and preparing.

Just ship it.

CH Classic: Product Managing your job hunt

Just like a product manager at a company, staying organized, gathering a team, and tracking your progress is so key to run a tight job hunt. Here’s how.

*Learn Excel like a Boss (and break into a finance career)

We all know that one guy that’s a wizard in Excel. He can whip up a model in no time, dancing around the keyboard with seemingly every shortcut known to man.

If you use a mouse to navigate a spreadsheet, you won’t be taken seriously on Wall Street or any fintech role. Take your modeling game to new heights with Wall Street Oasis’s Elite Modeling Package, which contains everything you need to know to land a prestigious gig in finance.

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Quote of the Day

“Tomorrow becomes never. No matter how small the task, take the first step now!”
— Tim Ferriss

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