Go the Essential Mile AND Extra Mile

Want to be create abundant opportunities for yourself? Follow these two maxims:

1) Go the essential mile. Be reliable AF. Communicate. Show up on time. Do what you say you’re going to do.

2) Go the extra mile. Create value above and beyond any job description. Solve problems no one expects you to solve. Make your co-workers lives easier. Become an artist with your work.

How to get a job with a small company

The best jobs are at small companies, and they don’t care about resumes.

Instead, can you show proof of work, with valued skills?

Seth Godin breaks it down.

“Learn to write. Writing is a form of selling, one step removed. There’s more writing in business today than ever before, and if you can become a persuasive copywriter, you’re practically a salesperson, and even better, your work scales.”

How to Make a Video Pitch – Live Workshop

Sick of sending resumes? Tired of never hearing back, or getting ghosted? It’s time for a NEW approach to job hunting. Enter the video pitch, where you can cut through the noise and 10x your interview rate.

At this Career Hackers live workshop, Jan. 12 4pm EST, learn the do’s and don’ts of how to make and send a video pitch, and get hired faster.

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