Limited Offer! 12 Free Coaching Calls in January

Hey! I’m offering 12 free coaching calls in January – first come first serve!

On this call I will learn where you’re at in your career/job hunt, and what is holding you back.

Then we will dive in and clear at least 1 limiting belief, e.g. “I can’t change.” This belief will be gone from your mind forever.

This call is worth $500, but to prove the value I can create for you, I’ll give it to you at no charge. πŸ™‚

Grab your spot now. Please only book if you can for sure commit to the time.

(Spots filled up? Email me back with a 1-2 sentence pitch about why you want to work with me! I’ll see if I can fit you in.)

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Create > Complain

If you don’t like your job, then go do something about it. Β 

End the complaining, start the creating.

Start building social capital.
Start writing.
Start a website.
Start learning.
Start a bootcamp.
Start pitching.
Start seeing yourself as Me, Inc.

Starting knowing that you are the predominant creative force in your own life.

How to Make a Video Pitch – Live Workshop

Sick of sending resumes? Tired of never hearing back, or getting ghosted? It’s time for a NEW approach to job hunting. Enter the video pitch, where you can cut through the noise and 10x your interview rate.

At this Career Hackers live workshop, Jan. 12 4pm EST, learn the do’s and don’ts of how to make and send a video pitch, and get hired faster.

Register today for just $1.

CH Classics: The Writing Trick Tim Uses to Create Infinite Writing Ideas That (Often) Go Viral

We talk endlessly about the value of blogging daily to build a portfolio and your creative muscle.

But sometimes people are afraid to start, because they’re afraid they “won’t know what to write about.”

This article solves that problem.

“What makes you interesting are your unique experiences. And they can make your content stand out as a writer.

But the problem is that we forget the stuff that happens to us all the time.

You need a ‘Timeline of your Life’.”

Quote of the Day

β€œBe so good they can’t ignore you.”
β€” Steve Martin

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