Let go of 9-5

If you want to be a 21st century value creator, let go of the 9-5 mentality.

Especially with remote work, what matters is not the numbers of hours you work but the amount of value you create.

It can take time, though, to de-condition oneself from the time-first programming re received from culture and school.

But when you do, you can do begin to do more with less, and build a reputation that is world-class.

Evolve into a person of the future.

“I’ve been looking for someone like you for 20 years”

Pitching yourself to work for free is a SUPERPOWER.

Entrepreneurs and small companies especially would love to hear from someone with this type of forward tilt.

Here’s a 1 minute clip of how Tai Lopez launched his path doing just that. The employer he pitched said, “I’ve been looking for someone like you for 20 years!”

Are you Part of the Education Revolution?

Listen, my friends, Career Hackers is about way more than careers, it’s about new education paradigms.

Instead of relying on the old system of degrees – showing up to class, GPA’s, and checking the boxes – we focus on learning what you’re interested in, and building real-world skills.

That’s why I really believe in the Springboard mission to transform one million lives through education by 2030.

They are part of the revolution in education and career launch.

So if you’re  feeling fed up with your current job, grinding it out like a cog-in-a-wheel, think about investing in a new career that follows your interests.

If you’re curious to learn to code, then follow that natural interest!

Springboard will help with their Foundations to Core course, that includes job guarantee and 1-1 support!

Learn more and apply now. Use code CAREERHACKERSSB for $500 off.

“Springboard provides a lot of support. I felt really supported by my mentor and all the teaching assistants. Everybody is super knowledgeable, and I could ask them a question any time.”
— Julia Ayres

How to Make a Video Pitch – Live Workshop

Sick of sending resumes? Tired of never hearing back, or getting ghosted? It’s time for a NEW approach to job hunting. Enter the video pitch, where you can cut through the noise and 10x your interview rate. At this Career Hackers live workshop, Jan. 12 4pm EST, learn the do’s and don’ts of how to make and send a video pitch, and get hired faster.

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Quote of the Day

“Remember that a job interview isn’t a job, and that your goal is to find a path forward, not to get picked. Careers are part of our practice. An interview is just an event.”
— Seth Godin

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