What do Do Right When You’re Laid Off

1) Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Breathe. Let yourself take in the facts and feel any feelings.

2) Take at least 1-3 days to decompress. Take a long walk or two. Reflect on your previous role and what you enjoyed, learned, and where this might take you next.

3) Inventory your strengths. Form your story and clarify your interests and purpose.

4) Reflect on 3-5 companies you might LOVE to work for. Listen to your gut. Think big. Forget about job postings, job descriptions, or if you’re qualified.

5) Research one of the companies for at least 1 hour. Learn their mission, history, team members. Read their blog and listen to their podcast. Go on Craft.co and Crunchbase to see their financials and tools they use. Figure out what their current needs might be.

6) Create a 60 second video pitch

7) Email it to the hiring manager.

8) Follow up every 2-3 days until you hear back.

9) Crush the interview. Send thank you notes abundantly.

10) Negotiate the offer like a champ.

You got this! We’re here to help.

How to Learn to Love Learning

Unfortunately, you likely went to school, and learned that learning was a chore.

To grow your career, you’ll want to shed that, and rekindle your natural curiosity!

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Stop Applying, Start Interviewing

You probably know that to land a job, it often helps if you get a warm intro to a company.

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