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Complain or Create?

Yeah, it sucks that company never got back to you. You gonna complain, or go create?

Sure, it’s a bummer they asked you a dumb question on that interview. You gonna complain, or go create?

And that ATS that rejected your resume again?

Fuck the ATS.

Go build a project, a pitch, or an email that shows you’re awesome.

Because you are awesome.

This weekend, what will you do to prove it?

Top 3 DJH of All Time

Today is DJH 45. Here, we pick the top 3 issues. Get this stuff in your noggin!

DJH 16 – a can of whoop-ass (learn to make a project)
DJH 6 – Tiny Steps (learn to build momentum)
DJH 17 – What to do after getting laid off (learn a fresh approach from Tim Ferriss’ former assistant)

Read these. Then go apply what you read.

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