Let Go of Speeding

How often are you speeding throughout the day?

Are you always doing, but never being?

A part of you might be hooked on going fast, and you pull yourself out of the present.

But if you want to create the most value for your career, give your unhurried, 100% attention to what you are experiencing in the moment.

Build your career, 1 sturdy brick at a time.

How to Start Pitching

If you’re ready to ditch the resume once and for all, dive into the Career Hackers Guide to Pitching on our Guides Page.

Apply these tips, and you’ll making job hunt rain in no time. ; )

Find a Job Faster

You probably know that to land a job, it often helps if you get a warm intro to a company.

Ramped Careers can help with that, completely free.

When you join Ramped, you can not only build relevant skills and practice for interviews, you’ll gain access to Ramped’s network of employers, so you’ll have special consideration for a job!

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Startup Jobs with AngelList

AngelList is a hub for startup jobs. If you’re looking for top job boards, don’t skip this one!

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Quote of the Day

“I feel like humor is the answer to everything. If you have a little bit of humor in the shaker and you can sprinkle that on, that’s your answer.”

— Jerry Seinfeld

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