School Sucks

Remember school? It sucked.

Classrooms, bells, detentions, homework, school buses, permission slips, 20 pound backpacks, crappy lunches, minimal recess, report cards, and hoping that Friday will come soon.

You might have liked some parts of it, like sports or an occasional book you read, but if you’re being honest, I doubt you liked it.

That’s because you not only did boring, tedious things, but you were compelled to do boring, tedious things.

No wonder why 70% of adults hate their jobs. Where did they learn to tolerate that?


To come alive in your life and career, you need to de-condition yourself from the schooling you received, and get in touch with:

  • your true curiosity and interests
  • your feelings and needs
  • a sense of purpose and self-determination
  • creating projects that matter to you
  • action mindset rather than waiting for permission mindset

If these ideas are new to you, it can be a tough pill to swallow. But keep reading the DJH. We’ve got you on your journey to de-school.


PS. Go deeper via the Deschool Yourself podcast (on our top podcasts page)

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“I Created a Chatbot For You”— How Gregory Williamson Won an Entry-Level Sales Role

One of the best ways to land an interview right away? Just do the job before you have the job.

That’s what Gregory did when he made a chatbot for a company. Nobody assigned him to do it. He just created value up front!

“So I thought, “Let me build out a chatbot for them.” I went and started a free trial of Intercom and created an entire Q&A branch, built out a script for them, and then I put it all into my Intercom account.

Then I recorded a short video explaining what I’d done for them. I sent that over to the CEO before my interview with him, kind of as a value proposition slash pitch.

After about a week, they offered me the position.”

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Quote of the Day

“To a very great degree, school is a place where children learn to be stupid.”
― John Holt

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