Do What Makes You Come Alive

The time is ripe to discover and do what makes you come alive.

Paradigms are changing, formal institutions are decaying, and doing what you’re “supposed to do” isn’t cutting it anymore.

Now is the time to turn inward, listen to your soul, get curious, become creative, and live the life you were designed to live.

You are an individual, not a statistic. You have core values, interests, talents, and desires that were meant to be actualized.

I’m getting chills writing this…. because what makes me come alive is inspiring others to come alive.

So will you join me?

Remove the shackles of the paradigm of rule following, waiting for permission, and being a clock-in-clock-out worker.

The future is the sovereign individual. Your birthright is happiness, meaning, purpose, and aliveness.

Forget “just getting a job” just to be practical and secure. What if the best thing you could do for your loved ones is to live a life of vigor and vitality? And wouldn’t following your bliss be the best to maximize financial power, anyhow?

I’m not saying it will happen overnight. Coming alive takes radical self-knowledge and self-honesty. But you always have the choice to take one step, and compound your value over time.

Let go of others’ expectations. You’re not on this planet to live up to anyone else’s demands or even requests of you.

Catalyze your growth. Invest in yourself. Catapult into an empowered future.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

4 Outdated Job Search Steps and What to Do Instead

Everyone is taught in school to go to college, attend job fairs, send resumes, and apply on job application portals.

What if all that were a waste of time?

It is.

Here are 4 Outdated Job Search Steps and What to Do Instead

“The informal job market — the market of companies that are growing but can’t afford to attend recruitment fairs and doesn’t have the time to manage online listings — is much easier to get hired in.

As I’ve written elsewhere, there is often far less competition and far less bureaucracy in place to prevent you from getting the job. You might even have the chance to sidestep the HR department entirely and connect directly with the head of your department or the CEO of the company, something that is very unlikely to happen in the formal job market.”

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