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Are you sensing your life is slipping from you in some way?

It’s never too late to turn it around.

Just make that 1, helpful baby step today, and again tomorrow.

Build new momentum.

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Proof of Work > Resume

15 years ago, Seth Godin wrote “Great people shouldn’t have a resume.”

He said “world class jobs don’t get filled by emailing a resume…. Ever.”


But I think he’d let us update that statement…. Nobody needs a resume, whether you want to be “great” or not (though why not be great?).

The point is, to land a job effectively and quickly, Proof of Work is what you need!

See Seth’s full article, Why bother having a resume?

Having a resume begs for you to go into that big machine that looks for relevant keywords, and begs for you to get a job as a cog in a giant machine. Just more fodder for the corporate behemoth. That might be fine for average folks looking for an average job, but is that what you deserve?”

the great Seth Godin

Quote of the Day

“The only truly safe thing you can do is to try over and over again. To go for it, to get rejected, to repeat, to strive, to wish. Without rejection there is no frontier, there is no passion, and there is no magic.”

— James Altucher

6 Figure Video Resume

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