Next step

You won’t make progress unless you define the exact next step.

“Start a blog” is actually NOT an exact next step.

“Open account on Medium” or “buy domain name for personal website” is more specific. It gets the ball rolling.

Often, the hardest part of creating is just starting. So be clear on how to do that.

Got Laid Off? Take a fresh approach to land your next job

It definitely sucks to get laid off. That’s tough….now, what can you do to empower yourself?

In his recent LinkedIn post, Aaron reminds everyone to send a video pitch instead of a resume. (Can we ever be reminded of this enough?)

How to market yourself (for job-seekers)

To stand out, you need to build a strong reputation, especially if you are on a job hunt.

Here’s how to market yourself, a new post from Waris.

“A digital world also brings increased competition.
Now you’re not just competing with Average Joe from the next block. You’re also competing with someone sitting in a different city/state/country.

You need to be seen and heard.

You need to market yourself.”

Quote of the Day

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.”

— Unknown

6 Figure Video Resume

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