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Dream, Do

How to win on the job hunt?

Picture wild success. Then take the next step.

Before you sit down to work today, take 30 seconds and visualize what you desire.

Picture getting an AMAZING response back to your pitch email. Watch yourself nailing the interview. Imagine the feeling of working for a company you love. See the paycheck appear in your bank account.

Then act!

No, we’re not woo-woo about Law of Attraction stuff. But there’s power in planting the seed in your subconscious mind.

Nothing happens unless first a dream.


Dreams don’t come true, decisions do.

Nuts and Bolts of a Job Hunt

Here are nuts and bolts reminders to run a tight ship on your job hunt:

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Quote of the Day

“I wanted to immediately respond to you and let you know that this is BY FAR the best and coolest application I’ve ever seen in over 20 years of reviewing applications. You absolutely blew me away and made my morning.”

—Recruiter in an email to a Crash user