Create Value Everywhere You Go

Every person you meet, be it professionally or personally, virtually or IRL, can you ask yourself, “how can I enhance this person’s life?”, “how can I create value?”

Give generously….it’s in your self-interest!

Delight others, and you’ll delight yourself.

Giving is living.

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— Candace

‌Stop Waiting for Someday

Someday I’ll change my life.”
Someday I’ll take ownership of my happiness.”
Someday I’ll invest in myself.”

‌Reflect on your life….is it time to finally step in a new career direction?‌
Coding Temple can help you find your purpose, hone your skills, and guide you to a new career.
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‌How to Write an Email (job hunt templates)

Not sure what to say when you reach out or pitch the hiring manager, or an employee?

We’ve got you.

See our job hunt email templates in this post.

Looking to break into (or move up in) the marketing world?

Well, go surround yourself with other marketers! You become the people you hang around. So join Growmance, a free marketing Slack community.

Immerse yourself, be curious, ask questions, create value, and build connections.

Dive in.

The Muse Job Board

Plenty of solid jobs are on The Muse job board, where you can search by size, industry, perks and benefits, and more.

Take a look.

Quote of the Day‌

“For it is in giving that we receive.”
― St. Francis of Assisi‌

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