Today! How to Handle Fear (on the job hunt)

Today’s the day to revamp your relationship to fear!

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Thrive and Flourish No Matter the Circumstances

Because the economy is unhealthy right now, lots of people are turning to a mindset of contraction, reduction, and playing it “safe.”

But what if the “safest” thing to do were to invest in yourself, to learn and document new skills, to go for your dreams, plan to double your salary, and so forth?

The truth is now’s a great time to do what most people aren’t doing.

Will you live in scarcity or abundance?

Choose. Your. Attitude.

Do Free Work

Would you buy a $50,000 product without ever testing it?

Probably not.

Well…. getting a job is like selling a $50,000 product: you!

Why not offer a free sample?

Do free work.

Do Free Work
Uh-oh, people might get mad at the suggestion of free work. “That’s exploitation!”“I demand worker’s rights!” But free work is not exploitation. It’s in your self-interest, if you choose to see it that way. Would you buy a $50,000 product without ever testing it out? Probably not. Well,

Do you make less than $40K a year?

Inflation is tough and hitting people hard. Maybe people like you.

So maybe you’re ready to level up, change your career, and bring in more income, but investing in a tech bootcamp is hard to stomach in the short-term.

General Assembly gets that.

A leader in education and career launch for over 10 years, GA has helped transform tens of thousands of careers, and now are offering discounts to individuals who currently earn less than $40,000/year.

If you enroll in their full-time bootcamp between now and January 31, you could be eligible for a major discount on tuition.

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Quote of the Day

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”
— Viktor Frankl

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