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Live Workshop! How to handle fear (on the job hunt)

Fear is part of life. The question is, how much? Does it paralyze you, or do you see it as a tool to move towards your goals?

How can to handle fear with confidence, allowing you to take action in your life, career, or job hunt?

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How to Find a Job with Flexible Hours

If you want a job with flexible hours, you can make it happen! Whether you pitch your reasons for a new schedule to you current company, or you look for a new company entirely, you have the power and potential to create the results you desire.

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Remove Mental Blocks

But do you also have subconscious weeds in your garden?

Deep down do you believe…

“Failure isn’t safe….”
“I’m not confident enough….”
“I’m not enough.”

If you concluded these as a child, like many of us did growing up in school, then you may be trying to drive with the emergency brake on!

Good news is…I can help. I can prune your weeds. In my coaching, I can remove “I’m not enough” or any other subconscious belief from your mind.

The belief will be gone as fast as you realized Santa Claus wasn’t real.

Life changed, forever and instantly.

Invest in yourself. Start coaching now.

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“It’s amazing how much good work can be done in just 55 minutes. Taking that time was a big game changer for me in turning the corner towards taking action in my career goals. Joel’s great! Highly recommend!”
— Candace

CH Classics: How to Sell Yourself for More Money with the Briefcase Technique

If you want a new job, or a new salary, you need to prove what you’re worth it. In this CH Classic, learn the things you’ll SHOW — not tell — your boss or client so they KNOW you are someone who delivers real results.

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