The Bar is LOW

Yo yo yo…look here….

You are following us here at Career Hackers (thanks!)….by doing this, you are already accessing the secrets to standing out on the job hunt (e.g. video pitching, emailing the hiring manager, doing the job before you have the job)!

The question is, are you doing these things? Or, are you sitting on the sidelines?

If you’re sitting and waiting, you are missing out, and you are not taking advantage of the fact that most people still don’t know about the Career Hackers approach.

The. Bar. Is. Low.

So hone first-mover-advantage, and start following through on the abundance of empowering information we are serving you. ; )

You got this!!

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What are your biggest weaknesses?

How the heck do you answer this question in the interview? You want to be honest but also not disqualify yourself…..Maybe frame it as “how am I growing right now.”

The great Madeline Mann digs deeper in this 7 minute video.

Remove Mental Blocks

But do you also have subconscious weeds in your garden?

Deep down do you believe…

“Failure isn’t safe….”
“I’m not confident enough….”
“I’m not enough.”

If you concluded these as a child, like many of us did growing up in school, then you may be trying to drive with the emergency brake on!

Good news is…I can help.

I can prune your weeds. In my coaching, I can remove “I’m not enough” or any other subconscious belief from your mind.

Start coaching now or book a free consult call.

“Joel Bein is a considerate facilitator who radiates wholesome energy. I felt safe with him taking a peek in to my psyche and I experienced a deep high and sense of empowered energy, relief, and presence, after our session.”
— JD

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