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Avoid desperation

If you’re desperate for a job, companies will smell it.

Let go of that. Trust yourself on your job hunt! There are plenty of opportunities out there. Go target one, and have fun.

Yes, if you’re unemployed and have bills to pay, that’s probably hard. But getting worked up about things will only add fuel to the stress-fire.

Breathe…. then repeat this stoic maxim:

Never in a hurry
Never worried
Never desperate
Never stopping short

You got this!

11 Ways to Pitch

1. Email a pitch deck
2. Email a pitch video
3. Email a few sentences about how you could create value
4. Send a burrito
5. Tell a story
6. Send a project, e.g. an SEO analysis
7. Send a 30-day action plan
8. Email each employee at the company
9. DM the CEO on Twitter
10. Send a landing page
11. Offer to work for free

Quote of the Day

We don’t motivate people. We hire motivated people.”– Dave Ramsey