Instead of Going Back to School or College, You Could….

  • Learn new skills on Coursera, YouTube, or LinkedIn Learning.
  • Run a marathon, document the trainng process, then pitch yourself for a job based on your work ethic
  • Drive Uber in a major city downtown. Ask curious questions to your customers and learn all about their career paths. Blog about what you learn.
  • Start a business
  • Start doing mock projects and add to your website.
  • Just video pitch companies every day until you land a job. You’ll land plenty of interviews. Even if you fail to land the offer at first, you will keep learning and growing and honing interview skills.

Be imaginative. Look at ALL your options.

No A’s in School? No Problem.

Getting good grades might actually be a problem, because you might learn to just follow the rules, and fear failure.

Sefunmi chose to be more bold. Even while getting B’s and C’s in college, he went out on his own to build an app without any official training. That’s what launched him in his career!

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But it was that real-world experience — a ‘failure’ that helped him launch his career. In his later interview for an internship role at Microsoft, he was able to stand out from the crowd by pointing to what he had built in real life.”

Quote of the Day

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
— Benjamin Franklin

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