What Do You Want Instead?

It’s fine to know what you don’t want…..

  • don’t want the job you hate
  • don’t want the salary you hve
  • don’t want to live in the state you’re in

But what do you want instead?

You need to see in your mind’s eye (aka the reticular activating system) what you DO want.

  • DO want to work at a certain company
  • DO want $100,000 salary
  • DO want to live in Arizona

The images and thoughts in your mind will fuel your subconscious to start taking action.

Get clear. Act daily.

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Book Reviews

A great way to build your online brand is to do short book reviews.

Learn. Out. Loud!

Signal your creativity, proactivity, and how you think and communicate. Soft skills matter to companies!

Here are 100 ways to work out loud. Numbers 10-25 below.

10. Create a tool (online or physical) to help others interested in the same thing.
11. Do behind-the-scenes blog posts showing your approach and works-in-progress.
12. Draw a comic about it.
13 Write a song about it.
14. Go on Google, find someone else interested in that topic, and send them an email asking a question. Start a conversation.
15. Find an article that person wrote, share it on Twitter or Facebook, and tag them. Shoutouts are fun!
16. Write a post about the ten best people to follow in that space.
17. Answer questions about it on Quora.
18. Find a subreddit about it on Reddit. If there isn’t one, create it!
19. Read the top five books about the topic.
20. Review those books on Amazon.
21. Write long-form reviews of the books on your blog.
22. Write one-sentence or one-word reviews for Twitter.
23. Start a Tinyletter or Substack email about it.
24. Start a publication about it on Medium. Invite others to post there. Request permission to pull standalone articles into the publication.
25. Build a website all about the topic. Link to books, videos, tutorials, podcasts, etc.

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Quote of the Day

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”
— Dwayne Johnson

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