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You’re on the job hunt?

Why haven’t you sent a 60 second video pitch yet?

No more waiting. Go do things. Video pitching gets results! Burn the resume, please.

(For tips, read this post, or message our friend David on LinkedIn).

Sprint into a Tech Career (at a small cost)

You could be making bagels for a living right now….but you still are qualified to break into tech!

“You Belong in Tech” is actually a motto at the Sprint program by Co.Lab, an incredible course and community to help you start a path in Product Management. They cater to people of ALL backgrounds.

All that matters is your willingness to invest 2-5 hours a week learning by doing. You’ll be supported along the way.

And it’s only $500. That’s what, 0.1% the cost of a college degree?

Forget imposter syndrome! You’re good enough for tech, right now, seriously.

Apply now. The next cohort starts November 14. Use code CAREERHACKERS for an extra $50 off.

Why Non-Tech People Should Work in Tech Startups

There are so many opportunities in tech, even if you don’t code. Operations, sales, marketing, design are great places to start (see our career launch guides).

Or, you could even just be a generalist! What matters is your mindset.

Learn more in Why Non-Tech People Should Work in Tech Startups

“Come in as an entry-level employee. Be eager to learn and take on the grunt-work. Soak it up, go above and beyond, observe, ask questions, do all the little things you do know how to do (even taking out the garbage if it needs to be done!) while you learn the things you don’t know yet.”

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