Proof of Work

What matters is proof that you can do the job.

So show up, and bring:
– a body of work
– a mock ad copy
– a sample email drip campaign
– a new logo
– a doc of testimonials from previous clients/supervisors/colleagues
– a list of new prospects for the company

Serve it up on a silver platter. They’ll be salivating.

Learn to Code (you can do it)

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are motivated, and you dive deep.

For example, it only takes 30 hours of focused concentration to learn to read (but the standardized school system makes it take way longer).

Well, same with career launch! You don’t need to spend years and years going to get a degree.

To learn to code, you can join a bootcamp like Coding Temple (rated Best Coding Bootcamp in 2021 by Career Karma), and learn real skills fast.

With part-time, full-time, and self-paced options, you can dive into courses in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Blockchain.

Successful grads have entered the program from a wide array of ages, backgrounds, and career levels. They work at companies like LinkedIn and Salesforce.

Future-proof your career and learn more now.

Use code CareerHackers for the following discounts on tuition:

Full-time: $500
Part-time: $250
Self-paced: $250

“As a true beginner coming from a completely different background, I am so glad I went with Coding Temple. They have unbelievable support here for their students and also for their graduates. The staff are amazing, the instructors are down to earth, relatable, endlessly patient, and knowledgable, the post grad support is unlike anything I’ve ever expected, just above and beyond. My only regret is not joining sooner!”

—Tatiana, 2022 grad

Taylor and Corey on How to Be Unstoppable

Taylor Pearson (author of The End of Jobs) was on fire at our recent Supercharge Your Career virtual event, talking about the entrepreneurial mindset for job hunting and career.

So was Corey Haines (master marketer), talking about proof of work and doing sample ads to break into a copywriting career.

Watch. These. Videos. Learn what it takes to be so good they can’t ignore you.

Quote of the Day

“Focus on one company….It doesn’t matter if they’re not hiring.”
—Derek Sivers

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