Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Are you on auto-pilot?

Turn that thing off.

Go create what you want with this gift known as Your One Life.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Sprint into a Tech Career (at a small cost)

You could be making bagels for a living right now….but you still are qualified to break into tech!

“You Belong in Tech” is actually a motto at the Sprint program by Co.Lab, an incredible course and community to help you start a path in Product Management. They cater to people of ALL backgrounds.

All that matters is your willingness to invest 2-5 hours a week learning by doing. You’ll be supported along the way.

And it’s only $500. That’s what, 0.1% the cost of a college degree?

Forget imposter syndrome! You’re good enough for tech, right now, seriously.

Apply now. The next cohort starts November 14. Use code CAREERHACKERS for an extra $50 off.

How to Get Hired

The open secret to get hired is to research research research ONE company, and go all in.

Read this post on How to Get Hired from the great Derek Sivers. Read it many times. Save it.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re not hiring.

Learn all about them. Read every page of their website. Become a customer. Read every article about them. Study and memorize this info.

This only takes a few hours, and is a much better use of your time than blasting resumes.”

Quote of the Day

A lifetime of theory is worth a year of trial and error.”
— Ed Latimore

Remove Mental Blocks

But do you also have subconscious weeds in your garden?

Deep down do you believe…

“Failure isn’t safe….”
“I’m not confident enough….”
“I’m not enough.”

If you concluded these as a child, like many of us did growing up in school, then you may be trying to drive with the emergency brake on!

Good news is…I can help.

I can prune your weeds. In my coaching, I can remove “I’m not enough” or any other subconscious belief from your mind.

Start coaching now or book a free consult call.

“Joel Bein is a considerate facilitator who radiates wholesome energy. I felt safe with him taking a peek in to my psyche and I experienced a deep high and sense of empowered energy, relief, and presence, after our session.”
— JD

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