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Your Personal Brand

What types of clothes do you wear? Do you get super slick, or do you just throw on whatever’s not dirty?

No matter your choice, your clothes WILL affect your public reputation. People who see you will make snap decisions about what type of person you are (even if they’re wrong).

And even if you go naked, your choice sends a signal.

Same with a personal brand!

Before you are hired, you will be Googled. What signal will your search results send? Do you have a website, a blog, or a link to an impressive project?

Take charge of your online reputation. Work out loud and showcase who you are.

Don’t go naked.

Know the hiring manager’s name

When you email a pitch to a hiring manager, be personal. Address him or her by name! Most everyone likes to hear the sound of their name.

Here are two solid posts:

(Please. Don’t say “Dear Sir/Madam” ever again).

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