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Be a Real Person

The best way to build a “network” is to stop trying to build a network.

Just follow your curiosity just connect with people in a genuine way.

Enough said!

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3 Great Reasons to Become a UX Designer

Through Avocademy, you can start a UX career designing products, in a few short months.

Their courses are super affordable, with the vast-majority of grads landing high-income jobs.

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How can I get started in software sales?

You could hack your way into a sales career, right now.

If you send projects like a lead list, a video, and a mock sales cadence, you could land a job. You could be 18 years old with no degree.

It’s about proving your attitude.

Read the Nuts and Bolts in this post.

Quote of the Day

“The best way out is always through.”
— Robert Frost