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Worst-Case Scenario

To let go of anxiety about the future, fully picture your worst-case scenario.

Say you lost your job, family, and everything but the clothes on your back, what would you do?

OK, maybe right now parts of you are panicking a bit. “I don’t want to be homeless!” Release those voices… and truly ask yourself, what would you do?

You could probably crash on a friend’s couch for a while, pick up a quick wage job, start pitching new companies with the value creation mindset, and start to get back on track.

Your mindset is everything.
It’s your most valuable asset.
Never forget that.

No matter where you’re at right now….it’s gonna be okay. Breathe, and take the next step.

Have Fun

Kenny pitched the Golden State Warriors for a Data Engineer role…. by sinking a half-court shot.

It’s okay to have fun on the job hunt! And it catches people’s attention. ; )

Click to watch the 20 second clip.

From $30K to $70K? How Sandra Is Launching Her Tech Sales Career

Sandra Pruitt grew up on a reservation, struggled through school, and as an adult found her life going downhill.

But she chose to pull herself out.

She was working at Walmart making $30K. Now, she’s in the Springboard Tech Sales bootcamp, on the brink of an entry-level sales job, and will soon be making as much as $70K.

Read her story, and learn more about Springboard Tech Sales bootcamp.

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Quote of the Day

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”
― George Bernard Shaw